💡 The Big Idea

Harmony’s 1MusicDAO is a Web3 community for artists + fans to create their own economy and culture around music 🪙🎤

Using a three part approach, our goal is to evolve this operation into a self sustained Web3 “record label” that will be completely decentralized.

  1. The first tier would be built around a micro-based approach of working with an individual artist (G Yamazawa) and creating economics anchored in Web3 that will work in tandem with the current traditional music industry model.
  2. Simultaneously, we will employ our second approach, where we plan on acquiring more established artists through Web3 exclusive deals and offering services through revenue split models.
  3. In the third and final tier, we plan on transitioning all of our R&D of the first two tiers toward a fully automated, decentralized record label that behaves like an exchange and provides economic opportunity to every artist in the world.

By focusing on presenting our music industry partners with sound tech partnership and economic options built around their community, Harmony ONE’s net takeaway will be more 1Wallet adoption, greater Blue Metaverse interaction through Metaverse festivals, and wider Harmony ONE engagement. With a keen focus on building community through engagement and access, artists will utilize our partners to build the perfect Web3 experience for their fans. Complete with performance venues, NFTs with utility toward community oriented economics, premium and exclusive content; we will bring new meaning to the “artist fan club” 🤩.

Sammy Chand


🍰 General Strategy : A 3 Tier Approach

In our first tier of work: