Documentation of how the Tech Debt Tracker extension for VSCode handles data.

Code metrics and debt ratings

Code metrics and debt ratings are all computed live locally, so your code doesn't leave your machine.

Priority votes & improvement notes

Priority votes (impact / effort estimates) and improvement notes are stored in our cloud backend hosted on Google Cloud Platform. We only store encrypted function metadata (filepath and name), never the code. The function metadata is encrypted using a private key derived from the Git repository information. We don't have access to this Git information and the private key never leaves your computer. Only people who have access to the Git repository can decrypt the function metadata. We also use irreversible hashes of function metadata in our database to link notes and priority votes to functions.

GitHub account details

We require you to create an account with Stepsize by logging in with GitHub to use team features.

This gives us access to your email(s) which we only use for purposes related to the extension and don't share with any third party.

Your repository doesn't need to be hosted on GitHub to use the extension, and the GitHub login doesn't allow us to access your repositories.

Extension usage analytics

We are a company trying to build a business and we want to measure how this extension is used and how much it's used, so we track some usage analytics completely anonymously – e.g. whether you've inspect an entity in via the Debt Ratings tree view.

No personal information is tracked and neither is any code.

We simply track events that look like this:

  "event": "note.add",
  "timestamp": "2019-09-10T16:03:08.938Z",
  "userId": "d939629a-b73d-4c65-bf7a-d59aa8b12594",
  "sessionId": "fb71462a-f2a8-4343-999d-5cff2ee7079e"

We plan to make this configurable in the future so you can opt out.