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WithOthers www.withothers.io (the β€œWebsite”) is a platform for purpose -- helping activists get in a room with their people through intimate music events.

The WithOthers Website offers an online destination that enables users to publish, offer services, search for events, book services, pay for services, and buy tickets to events (collectively known as "Services"). The Website and the Services together are known as the β€œPlatform.”

Users who publish and offer their services on the Platform are β€œHosts,” β€œArtists,” or β€œCrew Member(s)” (collectively known as "Vendors"), and users who search for and buy tickets are β€œVoters.” Users who request the use of Vendors' services to create events (β€œEvents”) on the Platform are "Activists."

Hosts offer spacesΒ (β€œVenues”) for Events and receive opportunities (β€œOffers”) to provide access to these spaces (β€œBookings”) (collectively, these are your β€œHost Services”).

You must register an account to access and use many features of the WithOthers Platform and keep your account information accurate. As the provider of the WithOthers Platform, WithOthers does not own, control, offer or manage any Venues or Host Services.

As a Host, WithOthers offers you the opportunity to share your space with our vibrant community of Activists, Voters, Artists, and Crew Members - and earn money doing it while supporting the causes you care about. It’s easy to create a Venue, and you are in control of how you host - set availability and rules for each Venue.

WithOthers acknowledges that:

  1. You, as our Host, retain complete control of your Venue at all times.
  2. WithOthers takes full responsibility for public performance licensing in regards to the WithOthers events.
  3. Your WithOthers Event Crew Members will introduce themselves to you, be available to you, and run the event with the highest level of respect for you and all involved, working within any pre-arranged parameters such as off-limits areas, time constraints, etc.
  4. Your WithOthers Crew Event Lead will arrange our show and clean-up of show-related mess and leave the event space in the same condition in which we found it.
  5. In the improbable event of any damage to your property, WithOthers will work with you to make it right with compensation to cover those damages.

If you host, you are responsible for understanding and complying with all laws, rules, regulations, and contracts with third parties that apply to your Host Services.

By applying to be a Host, you agree to the following terms ("Host Terms"):

  1. Our Terms. You agree to be bound by our website Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines.
  2. Bookings. You may receive offers to host events at your Venue(s). When you accept a booking offer or receive a booking confirmation through the WithOthers Platform, you enter into a contract directly with WithOthers. You are responsible for delivering your Host Services under the terms and at a price specified in your Offer.
  3. Offers. Offers are submitted on a first to accept basis to multiple Hosts. An offer is not a guarantee of a booking until the offer has been accepted on the WithOthers Platform. Hosts are serviced with Offers based in part on the calendar availability of their Venues and the location of those Venues.
  4. Payments. WithOthers Payments will pay you a flat pre-agreed per booking fee to use your Venue and Host Services.
  5. Cancellations. In the unlikely event that a booking is canceled, you will not receive payment for the booking.