MC&AL is hosted and supported by Crafters Cove at Nova Labs and is intended to be a social group for individuals who wish to hang out and work on their own thing. So bring a project to work on or something to show off or just come to get input or hang out for inspiration.

Your project should be something you can work on with other other people present, and doesn't need an entire table by itself since the idea is to be social. Come out – socialize - make friends while making things and enjoying your hobby or learn a new one. Feel free to bring your dinner with you or a treat to share with the group.

Crafters Cove has a dedicated MC/AL tools cabinet which is located in the front multipurpose room. We have also added a Supply and Fodder cabinet which can be accessed during our events. Check the posted list of Tools Available and the Tool Tips file. Ask your host or fellow makers for help or suggestions as desired.

When is MC&AL and how do I contact people ?

<aside> πŸ’‘ *Basically we meet at Nova-Labs in the Orange Bay workroom. Friday nights from 7 pm until people get tired - usually by 10 pm Plus+ since sometimes as early as 10 or as late as midnight.


<aside> πŸ’‘ *Please See our events portal to RSVP - we run fairly late so showing up an hour in is not unheard of, we look forward to seeing your projects and discussions are wide ranging.


<aside> πŸ’‘ *Those people who come may notice some Board Gamers, we used to alternate with Game Night and over time it turned into every Fri night was Both: Gamers & Crafters because we have several people and couples who did both events. So don't be shy about which part of our Friday social interests you - you can't go wrong!


<aside> πŸ’‘ *If you have an account on the website you can also join the slack channel: #crafterscove_mc-al, this channel is for topics that generally fit in with Arts & Crafts. You may also find helpful posts and a variety of people in addition to the Stewards are frequently available to answer questions or direct you to tools. Additionally the look at the "full member profile" of our stewards & users for more contact info on individuals as needed. Make sure your slack & email notifications on your account are set as desired.


<aside> πŸ’‘ *Sometimes we have special events, field trips or meet at other times to co-ordinate with other groups.



Things that people in the Makers Circle & Art Lab actually might be doing:

Including but not limited to: crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, costuming, leather work, chain maille, beading, light metal work, portable weaving, jewelry piecing, scrap booking, stamping, embroidery, needlepoint, tatting, collage art, decoupage, card making, papercrafts, fiber arts, polymer clay, sketching and drawing, mixed media, calligraphy, digital art, writing, painting, small scale sculpting or carving, photo editing, etc.

WOW – kinda looks like a catch all – doesn't it? Well it is… MC&AL started life as three or four other groups with heavy overlap and not enough time for any one person to organize. Then we got together and came up with a PLAN since we all have multiple but similar interests and don't want to be locked in to any one thing.

Makers Circle & Art Lab group (aka MC&AL) now covers events you may have seen listed in the past like:

β€’ Clay Dates

β€’ Crotchet and knitting