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This page details both how and why we create our Pillars & Goals and how we decide how to execute on them. This page is an implementation of our culture and our mission.

Everything we do should be optimized to achieve our goals, and if something does not help us achieve our goals either we need to change our goals or not do it.

Although it is simple, it is not easy. To make it as easy as possible to adhere to the above principle we do the following:

Decompose the mission

Our mission is our north star, it is a hard problem worth solving that we care deeply about. It may not be immediately obvious how we achieve it, so we distill it into pillars. Pillars are manifestations of our mission. Some pillars may be completed, and others are constants that will always exist. Decomposing our mission into pillars allows us to understand the bigger picture more easily and delegate more effectively.

Pillars are two things: a vision and a set of goals. A vision is essentially a sub-mission, it describes what we want to achieve. Goals are measurable things we directly work to accomplish.

Being aligned on our goals requires buy-in at every level, everyone needs to understand and agree with the mission and pillars before even considering the goals. To do this we:

Feedback centric

We ship early and iterate quickly. Feedback is key to that iteration. We work feedback into our process in the following ways:

Work in the open

We recognize that working in public is a way to lead by example, increase the feedback we get, and hold ourselves accountable. We do this by: