With Picksell you can sell anywhere online and offline. Launch your online shopping page on Picksell with all built-in features you need to start online selling right away. Use Picksell QR-codes for all your products to sell anywhere offline and online.

Overview of your Picksell web and mobile shopping pages

It takes a few moments to launch a shopping page on Picksell Platform, you only need to create an account, provide your company details (or personal data in case you self-employed), connect your bank account and upload products.

With launching you get complete online showcase for your products in web and app formats to be always with a client. Don't worry about design, testing and optimizing for multiple browsers and gadgets types — we have already done everything for you. Picksell shopping website and application are designed to be fully responsive so that your shopping page on Picksell will look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Web is compatible with all OS and devices, app is compatible with all OS and mobile devices.



Сustomize your shopping page

Name should contain at least 3 letters. Use the name of your brand or existing online or offline store. If this is your first sales channel the right name will help you to find more customers.

Description of your store makes the first expression. Make sure it's clear for customers what products or services you sell and why they should choose you. Please try to give your customers only essential information. Everything else they could find on your website or social media.

Use your personal or office phone number. The most important is to make sure there is someone ready to answer and your customers are able to reach out to you.

You can use any kind of email but it is always better to have your branded email like info@picksell.eu.

Your customers identify your store not only by the name but by your Logo and Cover image. Make sure both logo and cover are in good quality and deliver the value of your offer to customers.

Try to use simple and understandable naming, do not use SKU or barcodes in the name of your products, as well color or size options. The best name will contain brand and model name. Provide short description of your product up to 3000 symbols. This description should help your customers to know the product better. Upload photos of the product to demonstrate it to customers. Please use photos in good quality and taken from different angles.

Key built-in features