Notion is the all-in-one workspace for docs, wikis, project management and collaboration. It gives you a set of software building blocks you can add and customize to build nearly any tool to solve any work challenge. We're excited to share 7 such business tools as templates you can copy into your workspace and make your own.

Go to the links below to see each template, and click Duplicate at the top right of the page. The template will appear in the private section of your Notion workspace 🎒

Business model canvas

This template helps you lay out all the key components of your business so you can spot opportunities, dependencies, and challenges. It also makes it very easy and orderly to share your business plan with other stakeholders.

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Feature market analysis

This template makes it possible to quickly and elegantly identify differences between your product and primary competitors when it comes to features. Always have a sense of the market and where different players are innovating. This can also help your sales team understand at a glance where they have opportunity to point out your product's unique advantages.

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Competitor analysis

Make sure your entire company understands your competitive landscape, where you're best in class, and where you still have room for growth. This is very helpful for keeping urgency high.

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Value chain

Clearly understand where your team's various activities create value so you can easily re-allocate headcount, investment, etc. to align with your goals.

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ROI calculator

Understand how valuable a product, campaign, or project has been by calculating its relative return on investment. This template is designed to weigh other factors beyond monetary investment and earnings as well, so you can make nuanced decisions about where to continue or how to iterate.