Hi! (yes, switching to the first person).

My Name is Tem and I'm the Chief Optemizer here.

I started Optemization because I believe that designing the best processes and systems for our digital spaces is freakin’ hard. Not only does it take a long time to settle on the right software — everything changes all the time. More data, new tools, new features, and unforeseen limitations demand constant adjustment.

Beyond that, in contrast to product, marketing, and sales the operations job is often overlooked. Intuitively it makes sense — why create process for a product or service that cannot be built, marketed or sold?

However, the overwhelming onslaught of more and more data, new software, and a the global transition to remote work are forcing us to diligently figure out operations, processes and digital workspaces much earlier in the teams' lifecycle.

Enter tools like Airtable, Notion, Coda and Roam Research that invite us to re-think digital operations with customizable all-in-one software, built by anyone without code. I've tried every single tool over the past five years.

My ambition with Optemization is to help businesses and individuals figure all of this out, and come out stronger, faster, better with the help of exceptional digital operations and productivity.

We've been lucky to work with some awesome clients on various projects.

I'm having so much fun and I can't wait to see how I can help you. If you already know, go ahead schedule a call with us here.

Let's go,

Tem Nugmanov , Chief Executive Officer

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