Key notes

  1. New app is here (local app stores supported for English, Hungarian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian, French and Japanese languages).
  2. Based on original 0.E-3 version, no changes to the original sources were made. Fully compatible with desktop saves.
  3. Taken into account previous version of app. Some features included, some not.



  1. On-screen gamepad for arrows and 'yubn' movement keys.
  2. On-screen enter, escape, tab keys.
  3. Swipe up to show on-screen keyboard. Swipe down to hide it.
  4. Tap'n'hold a tile on a map to view info about it (like mouse hover on desktop). Tap a tile on overmap to put cursor onto it (like mouse click on desktop).
  5. External keyboard support.

What's included

  1. Multiple translations included.
  2. Multiple tile sets included.
  3. Transfer all the user data, including saves, configs, fonts, tile sets, sound packs and templates from iOS device to pc/mac and vice versa using iOS file sharing through


  1. Works on iOS 8.0+ devices (hopefully, untested). Tested on iOS 11.4-14.3.
  2. Devices with 4.7"+ screen supported (no support for iPhone SE (1st generation), 5s and earlier).
  3. Landscape orientation for iPhones, landscape + portrait orientations for iPads.
  4. Support via App store reviews, support site or by email