Effective from July 2019

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

Five Good Friends prohibits and does not tolerate any form of abuse or misconduct in the workplace or any locations pursuant to company related activity, including within the homes or communities of our Members.

Five Good Friends provides procedures for Members and workers (Helpers, employees and contractors) or any other victims of abuse or misconduct to report such acts. Those reasonably suspected or believed to have committed abuse or misconduct will be appropriately investigated, disciplined and reported to legal authorities.


All workers (employees, Helpers, and contractors) and Members within Five Good Friends.


To support the prevention of all types of abuse, neglect, discrimination, exploitation, and misconduct in the workplace, associated workplace locations, and in relation to the delivery of Five Good Friends services, and ensure any complaints of abuse or misconduct are taken seriously, and are dealt with promptly, sensitively, confidentially and in accordance with legal reporting requirements.

Definitions and Examples