Founders Assistant


Salary: £32,000 + Equity

Job Type: Part-Time

Location: London Waterloo Area

What: Help adults with ADHD

How: CV ➡️

Full Job Description

Role: Stimuli provides virtual mental health and coaching support to individuals with ADHD. The successful applicant will report directly to the CEO and assist with high-level administrative tasks and duties as required.

Hours are flexible, as CEO needs vary. The successful applicant will be expected to complete 10 - 25hrs/week and be present at the office from 10am - 5pm each Friday; duties and expectations for the following week will be flexibly established (e.g., off days, WFH days, anticipated working hours, tasks).

Preference will be given to applicants with personal experience working with people who have disabilities, especially neurodiverse conditions as entire team is currently neurodiverse.

The successful applicant will: