This image is my style tile for my Sherlock Holmes project, it shows the font sizes, the colours that I am using and some of the images. After getting feedback and changing my design I have also decided to change my typeface, As I am going to be laying out my design like below I have decided to go with a typewriter font called Cutive as I think it fits well with my whole dossier as it will look like its been typed by an old type writer of that time.

I have decided to go with the three different sizes as I think it gives the text a good range and allows the user to easily see whats a heading, whats a subheading and whats body copy. As I am a fan of the Robert Downey Jr movies the images that I will use will be from these movies expect for the silver screen section where I will have images for the certain movies.

I choose those colours as when I was looking through different dossier designs I came across one for James Bond that used those colours and I though they worked well so I decided to use them on my dossier.