Giraffe 4.2 has arrived with exciting new features and enhancements to improve the fidelity and visualization of 3D geometry. Additionally, improvements to highlighting and rotating objects make it easier than ever to interact with complex models. Let's dive into the details of what's new in Giraffe.

New in Giraffe!

Image courtesy of AECOM Hunt Tishman

Image courtesy of AECOM Hunt Tishman

This update is all about 3D Fidelity. With support for the Indexed 3D Scene layer format, loading large amounts of 3D data has never been more performant! That’s how we can bring these new 3D features:

Portfolio Features

A portfolio layer can have “Features” type in lens which loads the geometries of all the included projects (not just the project boundaries).

Image courtesy of AECOM Hunt Tishman

Image courtesy of AECOM Hunt Tishman

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.45.30 pm.png

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Portfolio Layer



<aside> 💡 Ask your account team if you do not see the “Features” option in your Lens settings


Base Point Rotate

This new addition to the command line allows you to rotate geometry from a node of your choice! Use S hotkey to snap to a node.

Untitled_ Mar 28,2023 10_06 AM.webm

<aside> 👉 Learn more about Command Line functions



Some existing functions got usability upgrades. Read on to learn more!

New Layer Buttons

Add a new data layer OR a new drawing layer right from the layer palette.

No more confusion over where to add what.


<aside> 👉 More about how to Manage Drawing Layers


Workspace Properties

You can now re order and group workspace properties!

ws prop groups.gif

If your workspace has a lot of properties, this will be extremely helpful to you. Simply drag and drop properties to rearrange. Create a group from collapsible headings.