We are proud to announce Code India Fellowship to impart technical skills to young girls from rural India through the existing government colleges. You would be working on teaching them Python, ReactJS and NodeJS. If you don't know any of these technologies, don't worry, we would help you pick them up as long as you are interested and have experience in programming.

Our Fellows transform the career path of girls from underprivileged communities, and in turn, transform themselves in leadership capacities and improving their technical skills.


Who can become a Fellow?

Code India Fellowship is an opportunity for folks who are passionate about programming and teaching at the same. She has the zeal to work for a social cause and inbuilt the capabilities of leading oneself, with the power of coding, into many other girls from underrepresented sections of society. This fellowship is an opportunity for individuals from India's best universities, colleges and institutions to lead academics of an existing institution and significantly improve the learning as well as employability outcomes.

Women candidates are especially encouraged to apply as the learners would be mostly women. Freshers with a background in coding, from different tech institutions/colleges, who are passionate to work in the Social sector are encouraged to apply.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


1 Year


25,000 / month + accommodation

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