8️⃣ Eight core principles define Giftbit's culture:

We weave these principles through our culture. Each principle gives perspective to help us assess our behaviour and decisions. Exemplifying these principles is how people succeed at Giftbit.

<aside> ✅ What is Culture?

What we do is who we are.

So we take great care in the things we do.

Our behaviors show the beliefs and values that operate in the company. Our way of doing things is Giftbit company culture.

When culture is aligned with strategy, the culture equips people to make good judgements, more quickly, with less oversight. Good culture creates good growth for people and for the business.

While Giftbit's culture has established ways, we know that these ways are not perfect or fixed. Our people are diverse and dynamic. Change is constant in the world. So, we cultivate Giftbit's work culture continually. We think of it as an ongoing effort and process.


Giftbit's Eight Cultural Principles

🌿 We have a practice of candor and kindness.

🌿 We focus action on the job to be done.