About The Grand

The Grand’s mission is to make the world a less lonely place. ✨

A world where we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and honest about our challenges and struggles. A world where we value human experience, we practice empathetic listening, we trust each other, and we learn with the community.

One way to make the world feel less lonely is to connect people who are navigating similar transitions and equip them with the language, tools, and people needed to successfully navigate the transition. The Grand has developed a learning and development platform that’s a much-needed alternative to skill-based training and 1:1 coaching. Rather than simply build skills, The Grand provides group coaching and a community to support employees through transitions.

The Grand brings together small groups of people from different companies navigating a similar career change for group coaching. Our skilled facilitators provide a safe space for each group member to gain the clarity, confidence, and tools needed to navigate the transition. After the initial 3 months of biweekly group coaching sessions, members meet with their cohort monthly and continue to hone their skills through regular events and learning opportunities within the broader community.

We're Actively Hiring:

Full-Time Roles:

Growth Marketing Manager

Part-Time Roles:

The Grand Coach

(We hire for this role on a rolling basis)

If there are no roles that you think would be a good fit, but you remain interested in The Grand and our mission, please email and introduce yourself!

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