What is a Superbill?

A Superbill is an itemized list of all services provided to a client. The Superbill will also contain additional information about the Client visit, including practice information, CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, and more. It is normally used by Clients that need to pay for their services upfront and get reimbursement from the insurance company after they have paid. In Sessions Health, Superbills and Invoices are very similar, but the Superbill contains additional information that the insurance company needs to process the reimbursement Claim.


Superbills contain both Client medical information as well as Client identifying information, so you should take all necessary precautions to protect your client's information when sending it out.

Create a Superbill

There's a handful of steps involved to get superbills to generate.

You must first set up the session(s) you'd like to bill with at least one insurance-eligible service:


Note: you can go to your Billing Services page to configure the available services if you haven't set any up yet - any service using a CPT Code is considered to be insurance-eligible, including those if you used our Service Import tool.

Once done, any session that has occurred in the past is eligible to be billed. You can go to the Client Billing page to create a new bill from within the Pending section:


There are two ways you can set up bills - Self-Pay or Insurance. Self-Pay basically means that you'll be collecting payments only from your client. Insurance means that you'll be handling/managing insurance payments.


Which one you choose depends on your billing workflow. You can either take on the responsibility yourself (i.e., you are sending the superbill directly to the client's insurance) or the client takes on the responsibility. If you're taking on the responsibility, our recommendation would be to set up the bill using the Insurance flow as you'll be managing the insurance payment along with the client's responsibility separately.

Note: oftentimes, superbills include a "Make payable to" line in the document when sent from the provider which we don't yet have support for, but that's something we plan to add soon.

However, if the client is taking on the responsibility, they would normally pay you first out of pocket and then submit the superbill to their insurance themselves for reimbursement. Going this route, our recommendation would be to set up the bill using the Self-Pay flow, collect the payment(s) from your client, and then share the superbill with them for them to send in.

Alternate method

From the main billing screen, you also can create a Superbill to go directly to the Client. Click on the ... menu and select "Create Superbill"