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UI Designer

Mapan (PT Ruma - Gojek Group)

Jul 2019 - Present

I'm delighted to work with a great team in Mapan that always supportive and positive. Also, Mapan gives us the sandbox, try, fail, iterate, and repeat when building a product. I learn many and faster. Also, in Mapan, we practice design thinking religiously.

What I work in Mapan


UI/UX Designer

TunaiKita (WeCash APAC Group)

Apr 2019 - Jul 2019

In TunaiKita, I'm working as a part of the Asia Pacific WeCash design team working with other teams in Vietnam, India, Singapore, and China. My responsibility is creating a product for TunaiKita and cross products, UX Writing, Translation, Micro-interaction assets mostly doing improvement on an existing product, like the latest we make Repayment improvement to create a multi-loan payment for single Virtual Account.