Tim is passionate about helping small businesses do their best work.

He helps clarify needs and workflows, then builds custom workspaces to empower their work. His combination of relational skills, critical systems thinking and technical dexterity makes his work unique.

![ Tim Jeffries Director, notion.management Geelong, Australia 🇦🇺

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Tim Jeffries Director, notion.management Geelong, Australia 🇦🇺

Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube / Contact

Tim's Work

Orenstein Lawyers

Orenstein Lawyers is a thriving law firm working in the Children's and Magistrates' Courts. They wanted to take their legal files digital, facilitate effective connections with clients and other external parties, improve team cohesion and task management, support their HR processes, manage risks and compliance issues around billing and build a company wiki, all in a system that would support their unique workflows. The result is a complete Practice Management solution for their law firm that scales as their business grows.


I created a series of related databases using templates structured around their workflows with document management, forms, linked database views that utilise self referencing filters and integrated task management and team communication tools. This structure provided the platform required to manage the complexity of their needs.

The user interface I designed was built in such a way that team members do not need to be Notion power users to benefit from the advance functionality included in the workspace. The workspace based out of a team headquarters that has specific dashboards for each of the workflows and intuitive access points to all their data. In addition each user has their own individual dashboard that enables them to access and edit all the information and tools required for their particular role.

In a short space of time Orenstein Lawyers went from being paper based and highly dependent manual processes to having a digital system that created huge efficiencies, managed risks and created peace of mind that everything was in its right place. I was able to integrate important historical data from the previous decade as well as create a system that will scale as they grow.


Wipertech is a successful and growing eCommerce business who were searching for the right tool to help them function more effectively as a team.

I've been working with them to build a Notion workspace that provides their team with project and task management tools, improves their meetings with templates and unified task management, ensures company knowledge is readily accessible and facilitates their collaboration with staff and external parties.

I've worked closely with the team to develop their skill and understanding of Notion while also building the workspace they need. The goal is to empower the team with not only the tools we build but also the understanding and skill required to continue developing Notion beyond my direct involvement.

We've created a complex set of related databases that enable the particular project and task management features the team desired. These are integrated with the meeting and knowledge management databases and also connect with the people and company directories. Wipertech has a small team but a large number of contractors and parties they outsource too, we've designed the workspace to be able to collaborate with all these groups.

Finally a series of dashboards are being created to facilitate team workflows and allow individuals to possess their own custom page within the workspace. When we're done Wipertech will have a team empowered to build and adapt their own workspace and a suite of tools enabling a new level of effectiveness.