As the Haystack community grows, we are noticing we are out growing Slack! In this doc you will be able to read through our reasoning about why we will migrate to Discord. You will also find our research on comparing Slack and Discord.


The main motivations for these are the ‘community’ functionalities that Discord provides which aren’t as straight forward on Slack. We have a growing number of (active) users in our Slack workspace which would mean if we do want to make the change, doing so sooner rather than later will mean fewer challenges in the future.

We have made this decision because we see a future for the community which would mean using Discord would make more sense. Rather than only focusing on whether it makes sense now we have come to the conclusion that Discord makes more sense for a future where we want to be more active on our community channels.


The following features of Discord make up the core of our motivation to migrate. Some of these might not be features we start using immediately but they are certainly features that we would see ourselves using in the future.

(PS: A discord ‘server’ is the same as a Slack ‘workspace’)

Overall, the decision is based on what type of environment we want to provide our community when they go to a space for chatting.

What’s next?

We will send out invites to our new Discord server to everyone who is currently in our Slack workspace. Following that: