When selecting the comms platform for Pop, we started with by identifying the core needs of our community given our core value propositions, including:

<aside> 🔬 1. A place where projects can be incubated 2. Where private seminars can be held 3. Where project objectives can be clearly tracked and organized 4. Where working chats can selectively be opted into to maximize focus


As a community fundamentally different than any in the space—focused on Project Management and building—we knew that our need set looked different than common projects. And while our Genesis Community had thrived on Telegram, we also knew the structure of that smaller group might not scale, so we analyzed the strengths and benefits of platforms such as Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp, and Discord.

Keep in mind: Our conclusion is not an indictment of other platforms—just a rationale that worked for Pop’s specific use-case.

While we strongly considered Discord for its lack of friction with NFT collectors, at the end of the day we chose to embrace the “Blue Ocean” strategy of building on Telegram, designed intentionally for the long-term utility core to our mission and target audience.


For transparency, below is an analysis of our objective and subjective findings, and the results it has yielded to date.

Objective Findings

Subjective Findings