Why you should join us

Hi there, we're Otto, and we are improving the way people finance their daily lives.

As you're reading this, 1 in 4 people in the U.S. lacks access to affordable credit and resorts to using high interest, predatory loans (think: Payday, Title, Pawn, and Personal Loans) to make ends meet. These 300%+ APR short term loans trap borrowers in a downward debt spiral and severely limit their chances for getting ahead.

Leveraging modern technology, we are building the world's first asset-backed revolving credit product that makes lending decisions agnostic of credit score and delivers standard interest credit card through a simple mobile platform. We are unlocking the value trapped within the $3 trillion worth of vehicles owned outright in the United States to provide sustainable credit for those that need it most.

We are backed by leading VCs, accomplished entrepreneurs, respected philanthropists, and founders from across the U.S. Our backers are the minds and investors behind the success of the Apple Card, Dave, Scribd, Parse, Twitch, Substack, Notion, LinkedIn, among others.

We have built and scaled a $100m+ ARR business, worked on apps used by millions of people for national brands, and fostered multi-million dollar public private partnerships. We are poised to fundamentally change the way tens of millions of Americans use credit to improve their daily lives.

About the role

This is an exciting opportunity to join an early stage startup in a senior level role working to democratize access to affordable credit in an industry with over $1 trillion dollars in annual transaction flow.

As a product manager at Otto, you will work directly with the executives, design, and engineering teams to help bring our vision to life democratizes access to affordable credit in North America. You will manage various elements of the design, construction, and execution of Otto's products. We are looking for a curious mind that can help us think outside the box in how we create a truly great product and deliver it to our customers.

What your Day to Day will look like

Here’s what you’ll be working on day-to-day, but as a nimble organization that puts our customers at the forefront, flexibility is key, and other responsibilities may arise.