Last updated: March 2021

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Brand New Vision (BNV) is a completely new fashion business concept allowing individuals to own exclusive and limited release apparel, sneaker and accessories from leading brands and designers.

Unlike in the real world and with other digital products these are truly limited and the availability and provenance is recorded and shared using Distributed Ledger Technology; Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's). Everybody can see the number of pieces of each item that is available and who owns each one.

With a Crypto Currency wallet (we currently support MetaMask and Torus) and Ethereum (ETH) you can bid for items as they become available at auction, collect them in your Wardrobe and, if you like, auction them through our marketplace. We have chosen these wallet providers as they are probably the easiest to use if you are new to the world of crypto.

You can see the value of your Wardrobe increase as demand for limited edition product rises and sell at any time there is an interested buyer. All secured through our smart contract system and allowing you to cash out your wallet at any time.

Once you have your wallet installed as a browser plugin (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) or dApp (iOS or Android) you can access the auction and marketplace functions on the platform


For those that already have a Metamask wallet, chances are that you already have some ETH and you already know how it all works.

For those who are completely new to blockchain and cryptocurrency we recommend using Torus wallet and follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Torus wallet with one click using your Google or Facebook accounts.
  2. Your BNV account will then be created automatically.
  3. A default nickname will also be assigned to you which you can change in Account Setting.
  4. Top up your wallet with Ether which will involve doing KYC (know your customer) with a centralised exchange or you can get someone you know to send you some ETH very quickly.
  5. Participate in DPL auctions for a chance to own a piece of 3D virtual fashion item or buy them on the BNV marketplace through auctions.
  6. Keep them in your wardrobe as a collectible or for private viewing of the 3D model of your fashion item for pleasure or resell it on the BNV Marketplace.