Hey folks, my name's Max.

I'm a 22 year old Computer Science student living and working in Sydney, Australia. I started MUNing back in highschool over 6 years ago. About 2 years ago, I resolved to give something back to the MUN community before I left for good, so that future MUNers could enjoy it as much as I have.

For almost a year and a bit, myself and the UQ United Nations Student Association have been working on the free and open-source muncoordinated.io, a collaborative browser-based MUN committee management app.

Following its official release in July 2018, it's been used at all large-scale Australian MUNs and over 50 other international MUNs. I've received a wealth of positive and helpful feedback, and have been working with directors to make sure that it's as easy to use as possible.

I created it because I wasn't really satisfied with the software on offer. Munrun is old and doesn't run on Macs. ChairMUN is non-free, closed-source, and lacks key features. CloudMUN is actually pretty cool from what I've seen, but it's also a non-free closed-source product, targeted at a Taiwanese audience.

I was also inspired by the amazing Tabbycat project, a draw tabulation system for parliamentary debate tournaments, an exemplary piece of software that combines ease of use, genuine utility, quality engineering, customisation and extensibility, and open-source availability.

Thus, Muncoordinated was built with a few key principles in mind:

Overall, I think Muncoordinated adheres to these principles. You can can see a full list of features on the Muncoordinated homepage.

Over the last few months, I've added a few major features: