All luggage that cannot be placed on your lap should be counted as a suitcase. (A suitcase of carry-on size is also counted as one)

You can check the cost of suitcase on this site.

e.g. note
Suitcase(carry-on) Total of 3 sides 150cm or less
Suitcase(check-in) Total of 3 sides 200cm or less
Golf bag
Bicycle Possible if it is in a wheel bag.
Pet Possible if it is in a pet cage
or a pet carrier bag.
Folding wheelchair
Musical instrument

You can bring in strollers, skis, golf bags, snowboards, etc., but they will be treated the same as suitcases, so please increase the number of suitcases at the time of application. Also, please note that you cannot bring in luggage that exceeds 200cm in total on all three sides.

On the day of the event, we may refuse to board the luggage if the luggage exceeds the amount notified in advance. In that case, please note that a cancellation fee will be charged.