When we talk about the engineering audience on Wevolver, we talk about the new generation of professional engineers. This generation is highly motivated, mission-driven, and passionate about making an impact with their work.

The heavyweight of this demographic is between 25-35 years old and work at innovative tech companies, or run their own startup.

The age range of the Wevolver audience

The age range of the Wevolver audience

The majority is involved in day-to-day engineering decisions, and many are involved in determining the direction of their company’s R&D. Most engineers are involved in purchase decisions, especially when we look at the smaller companies.

These engineers grew up having instant access to knowledge and are very goal-oriented in their quest for information. They have a big aversion to “being sold something” which is proven by the fact that over 43% blocks banner ads. For companies to resonate with this audience they need to provide valuable knowledge to be taken seriously. This demographic expects to get knowledge on their own terms when they need it.

A deeper look

European countries represent 28% percent of the Wevolver audience, the USA 26%, and beyond India's 10%, the audience is spread widely across the globe.

Among the professionals the majority have a role in engineering; beyond the most represented roles such as Mechanical Engineer, Electrical engineer, and Software engineer, there is a whole range of disciplines; Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, etc.

There is also a significant amount with a pure leadership role, many of which have been trained as an engineer, and 9.9% work as a researcher. Other roles that were expressed include education, analyst, and helicopter pilot.

Student disciplines include Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Aerospace, and Computer Science.



When we zoom in, we see that the percentage of engineers being involved in setting R&D directions is significantly higher at small and medium-sized companies (64% versus 44% at companies with over 500 employees).