You have the freedom & power to create the life you desire. Get encouragement with affirmations and real stories from your family.

Why Did We Build This?

Our Biggest Frustrations With Self-Affirmations Are:

  1. We can never come up with the right things to tell ourselves;

  2. When we look for affirmations we can use from resources online, we don't feel confident that they will be useful for our situation.

  3. If we did find an affirmation that worked, we are unable to share with people we care about why it worked (and what visuals/stories came to mind).

So, we built a public self-affirmation lookup database in Notion to enable anybody to easily search and add specific affirmations to power up their motivation based on how they're currently feeling and overcome self-defeating thoughts.

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We Built This Project Live!

What Does It Do?