<aside> 💡 We refer to the Omega Keys as Keys, Voxos with an Omega Key as KeyVoxos, and Omega Rewards as Rewards.



1/ General

What's happening?

On 22 Feb 2022 we launch the Omega Key Game - a strategic trading game with a massive 250 ETH worth of rewards. This is probably the largest ETH reward from any NFT project ever!

How to play the game?

🕹️  To play the game, visit https://voxodeus.io/okg

References for the rules and how the game is run can be found at:



Where should I go if anything isn't clear about the Game?

Hit us up in the [**🚩・okg・support](<https://discord.com/channels/832103866342178857/942050087880765441>)** channel on discord.

2/ Game Launch & Pre-Game