Core services

Comm is built on a fundamentally decentralized design, with networks of peers replacing centralized application servers. January is about getting the infrastructure in place to enable that peer-to-peer network.

Our primary goal for the month is to ship a set of services that facilitate communication between peers: Tunnelbroker and the blob service, as well as the load balancers in front of them.

January also marks the beginning of our effort to ship a web client by the end of February.

January targets


Web launch

Comm has an iOS and Android app today. There’s no way we can compete with Discord if we don’t have good solutions for the desktop.

The best way to quickly ship support for both Mac and Windows is a shared codebase. In February our primary goal is to ship a web client. Once we have the web client live, we’ll be able to create native clients for Mac/Windows based on the same codebase using Electron.

February targets



Today, Comm only supports conversations in the context of a community, where your data is owned by the host keyserver. This month isn’t just about launching DMs – it’s about getting decentralized, E2E-encrypted messaging working on our peer-to-peer network.

March targets


Multi-keyserver support

Up until now, the Comm app has supported connecting to a single keyserver. To get to a federated future, we’ll need the ability to connect to many.

April targets