📝 Proposing new products

Velvet.Capital is the Asset Management 3.0 infrastructure that allows anyone to create new products on-chain. The automated portfolio construction functionality is coming in Q4-2022 with our v2, but we don’t want to limit anyone and are ready to support you even before we release this feature!

That’s right, we got you covered: if you want to create a new product, feel free to share the investment thesis (rationale, strategy description, list of constituents, etc.) on our Discord and we’ll deploy it on our Web3 app!

✅ List of available tokens

Here’s a list of tokens that you can use to create a new portfolio, we want to make sure they have good liquidity on PancakeSwap (our main liquidity provider for v1) and the price feeds are available on Chainlink (our main oracle). We’ll be adding more liquidity providers as we go, for now please steer away from the tokens with liquidity less than $200k.

Tokens available for portfolio construction on BNB Chain (updated: August 15, 2022)