The GTCC Working Group dedicated towards adopting regenerative principles and practices around Waste Streams. Whether you're a Zero-waste enthusiast, a dirt nerd, or want to work to Leave a Better Trace... we invite you to join us.


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Vision: Our Dreams for BRC 2030

Camps participating in regenerative and circular waste models to meet and exceed the goals set in the 2030 Sustainability Roadmap, and embed these practices back into communities outside of Black Rock City. We hope to not only handle waste with care, but help individuals and systems re-imagine how we can interact with materials in our world more conscientiously.

Mission: How We'll Get There

The 2021 Waste team is focused on supporting Camps to integrate the hierarchical Reduce, Recover, and Recycle paradigm into their waste streams practices:

  1. Reduce: Stop waste from occuring in the first place
  2. Recovery: Redistribute “waste” to those who need it most
  3. Recycling: Repurpose “waste” in the most regenerative ways

The priority for 2021 will be setting up an accessible, distributed waste collection template and system, with the focus on launching the organics education and collection process (“organics” includes compostable food waste, compostable packaging and building materials, and other compostable organic materials).

What We're Working On

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