<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: Use this template to keep your goals top of mind and actionable. You can add year-long goals or personal resolutions in the 2024 Goals database. If you want to dive deeper, use the Quarterly goals database to have a monthly plan of action. For daily accountability, use the Habit tracker database to stay on top of your habits


↓ Click into one of the cards to get a detailed view for that quarters goals and resolutions.

Quarterly goals

↓ Use this database to organize your short and long-term goals in one, centralized space. Hover over each table row and click ◨ OPEN to view the contents within that page.

2024 Goals

↓ This habit tracker database will automatically create a new habit card everyday. Learn more about repeating templates here. Close the ring at the bottom of each habit card by checking off each habit you complete!

Habit tracker