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@Evergen we are on a mission to kill a coal fired power station in 10 countries by 2023. Our team is an amazing mix of some of the smartest, curious and most diverse women and men from all over the world working together to speed up the transition of the world to renewables.

Yep, it's a huge goal, but this year we've become the leaders in what we do. By the end of March next year we'll have already killed one coal fired power plant in Australia, using batteries in all sorts of smart ways.

πŸ™ Our Values

We have worked hard to develop some simple principles we live by. These principles are not just some words in the back of an employee handbook, they are principles we use to hold each other accountable, make hiring decisions and determine who we partner with.

We have, and will continue to pass on deals, people, investors if they don't align to our values.

  1. Pull together, keep at it.
  2. Better, faster, smarter.
  3. Talk straight, listen hard.
  4. Enjoy the ride.

If those don't fundamentally feel right to you, then that's cool, each to their own, but we're not sure it's going to work out between us... 😭.

πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ Evergen Basics

Imagine you have a big battery (about the size of a dishwasher) at your home which is plugged into your rooftop solar system. You had the battery installed so that you can store any solar power you generated throughout the day that you didn't or couldn't use (commonly referred to as a sponge for excess solar).

We have established that you're super smart and have a solar battery system to store excess solar power and can use that power at night. Now, imagine it's been super sunny every day because, well, it's Australia, and as a result you now have a pretty full battery most of the time.

Now lets imagine there are 100's of people whose job it is to make sure lights stay on at night, and they do this by essentially turning small pockets of power all over the country off when power demands rapidly increase (say at 6pm, lights, air conditioning and cooktops come alive). These 100's of people are referred to as "grid operators" and they literally work hard to keep the πŸ’‘ on.

Finally, imagine that the grid operators would pay you to send your excess battery power to the grid at high power demand times (like 6pm) to make sure they have extra power to supply.

Picture this, 1000's of homes all over Australia each with their own solar and battery system all working together to supply excess power into the grid πŸ₯³..

Now imagine that this is real, right here, right now. And, that Evergen is the platform that automatically does this. What we do is power Virtual Power Plants (VPP's for short).

Yep, pretty cool huh πŸ™. Watch this quick clip for more.


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Why work with Evergen?

If you believe industry needs to guide the governments slow moving hand toward a renewable future and you want to be part of leading the future whilst building a leading tech company then we should talk 😍 . Aside from that, there are a few other awesome benefits you will receive when working at Evergen.

We work flexibly. Like seriously, on a boat, at your home, in the Ukraine, while your kids are napping, or at one of our offices in Sydney or Newcastle HQ! Our Newcastle office is right on the beach!

Balance is beautiful. We’re a high-performance team but recognise the importance of everyone's own work-life balance. That’s reflected in our value of β€˜Pull together, keep at it’. No matter what’s going on at work, or at home, we support each other through the companies growth. We believe that work-life balance means we work better, faster, smarter - and happier - overall.

Bring your fur babies to work. We love animals and allow anyone to bring their 🐢 or cat to work. If you're in Newcastle we have an amazing park right beside us for that reason. Yep, we are on the beach and the park, watching the coal ships cruise by every day!

We automate the sh% bits.* Have you ever thought, "my job would be so much better if I could just do XYZ"? We have a team of people that solve XYZ for you. We focus our time on making sure your time is spent on the best activities, regardless of role.

The best kit. We are self confessed tech nerds so we kit you out with the new MacBook pros, Jabra headphones, screens, electric standing desks (in Newy), the best high-back chairs, and anything else you need to be at your best. You wouldn't give Picasso crayons to paint a masterpiece after all!

Dress to impress... yourself. We don't care what you wear. As change makers we embrace the different and want you to "do you". We also provide you with premium Evergen swag - hats, tees and much more πŸ’ƒ .

No micro managers. We use the coolest tools for project management like Asana, Hubspot, Airtable, Notion, Slack & Loom to ensure we have well set out projects with dedicated project owners which puts an end to micro managing and creates awesome transparency, empowerment and accountability.

Get it done. Leave politics at the door and focus on results. We use Objectives and Key Results internally to set goals as a team every quarter and then work together across departments (which we call "squads") to smash those goals.

Awesome investors. If you have worked in a start up before you will know that your investors can define how well your company does. We have some of the world's largest infrastructure investors and professional venture capital firms that have invested billions of dollars (between them). Are we their favourite portfolio company? Yes, we think so! πŸ˜‡