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Even Funkier

Even Funkier

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London-based DJ, producer and radio host Even Funkier weaves together Disco, Funk, House, Soul, Boogie, Jazz, Hip Hop and Global delights to create something fresh, irresistibly funky and downright groovy. He plays tunes from across the decades, genres and BPMs, mixing up hidden gems with tried and tested favourites, with a focus on sweet, sweet Disco music brought right up to date for modern dancefloors.

As a DJ he’s taken his trademark rollercoaster genre-fluid sets to locations including Glastonbury and ADE, playing parties for Midnight Riot, Good Custard, Project Bango, Pineapple Police Horse and DiscNoTheque. And as a producer he’s released on over 20 labels labels including Tropical Disco, Hot Digits, Mango Sounds, The Disco Express, Midnight Riot and TheBasement Discos.

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