We want you to push our platform to the limits. You can go out of your comfort zone and be creative as f***, or focus on solutions that you deem important to you and your needs right now. In either case, we would like to see you using any or all of our core features - Simulations and Forks (including our Simulation API), Web3 Actions and Alerts - to create use cases which are valuable to you and other people in the space. You can take two routes:

(1) Solve a real problem you or people you know have. This means tackling problems that currently exist in any of the products in the Web3 space. The expected outcome of this approach would be a use case that shows how using Tenderly (drastically) improves the development process or the (user) experience of a live production service.

(2) Push the envelope and create a use case that showcases the full power of Tenderly, focusing on one or more of the core features listed above. The expected outcome of this approach would be to show to the Web3 community things that they (or even we) didn’t know were possible to do with the Tenderly platform, in order to raise the collective knowledge of the Web3 community about what can be done and built.

Show us in a creative way how Tenderly integrates with existing products and services, or how people can use Tenderly to build new ones. Bonus points (for both categories) if the use case is highly-usable in the Web3 space, meaning it’s not an obscure edge case only a couple of people in the world would actually need.

Have fun and godspeed 🖖

Tenderly supports the following networks and it doesn't matter which ones you use in order to be eligible for one of the prizes: