This section aims to help you better prepare for the hackathon.



Venue 📍

ETHLisbon 2022 will be hosted at the Academia de Ciências de Lisboa. The main entrance, to be used by all hackers and participants, will be at Largo de Jesus.

The venue will open at 14:00 on Friday and will be open 24/7 until Sunday.

Doubts on how to get around Lisbon? We’ve partnered with Bird to give all hackers access to a 20% discount code on scooters 🛴 and bike rides 🚲 during ETH Lisbon and we’ll have a dedicated transportation hub right outside the venue.

Before the Hackathon ⏪


Food & Drinks

Connect and Chat

Learning Materials

Cool spots around ETH Lisbon

🛴Get around the city on a scooter

Bird Partnership - Hacker discount

During the Hackathon 🕜


Venue Map