What is Eternal?

Eternal is a technology house building culture and products for the next generation to feel heard. We believe that the current social networks are broken. They are consumption based. They force feed us ads. They give us little control, extracting value from communities by hijacking our senses.

So we are building Place. Where we value real time presence. Where our senses are meant to be explored and communal. Where communities can rethink their relationship with the platform they use.

We enjoy thinking deeply about what it means to hangout online, what interaction can look like in these digital spaces, and how we can craft meaningful experiences that are both playful and expressive.

It always comes back to culture. Embracing and refining our own, while reflecting what ties us together.





This Role

Eternal is looking for a backend engineer to build out support for our robust avatar social network.

You'll work very closely with the founders on crafting digital worlds that can supports concurrent users.

In this role, you will:


We don't expect you to be well versed in any of these but ideally you should see something on this list that you'd be happy to work with — and we are firm believers that technology is adaptable and so are the skill sets of Eternal engineers — whatever you don't know can be learned