Welcome back! For our 5th year, we’re finally entering a new era of Solaura Festival and we’re so excited to be exploring this new venue and path forward for us!

At this new property, we’re going to have a TON more space to invite more people into our special little festival. In many ways it’s wildly exciting, but the last thing in the world that we want is to lose the energy that makes our baby so magical and unique.

Many people we’ve talked to have framed our community as:

This year, we want to start organizing those people who give Solaura this energy, and give you guys the resources and access to be able to make this happen year after year!

Program Details

We’re kicking off a program we’re calling the Solaura All-Stars. We know you guys do a ton to make Solaura happen in so many little ways every year, so we’d like to give back:

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Proposal Guidelines