Open Roles

Founding Engineer

Founding Designer

What we do

Eraser is an ideation and brainstorming app for technical teams.

We allow users to communicate ideas at the speed of thought using a markdown note editor, a lightweight canvas, and audio chat.

Engineering teams use Eraser for techical specs, UI/UX wireframes, and systems interviews. No more having to ⌘+Tab through 4-5 apps just to get through a technical brainstorming session.

Since soft launching in Mar. 2021, 800K+ users have spent 150K+ hours in Eraser. We raised significant venture funding from top investors like Elad Gil.

How we work

We work remotely. Anywhere in the world.

User obsession. We sweat the details and take pride in delighting users.

Owners wanted. Everyone owns problems end-to-end.

Move quickly but deliberately. We ship small and iterate based on user feedback.