Hello everyone! We are excited to announce Eppo, a next gen AB experimentation platform that enables entrepreneurial culture. Eppo was inspired by observing how today's experimentation tooling - both 3rd party and internal tools - all require onerous amounts of manual work and still lead to a brittle process. Eppo enables companies to scale product led growth strategies without scaling headcount.

Email us if you are interested in what we are building, or want to learn more about the team!

We have a lot more to share over the coming months, but I wanted to start by sharing the inspiration for our product.

Growth teams are entrepreneurial teams

Most companies are filled with untapped entrepreneurial potential. They will spend enormous resources bringing in the best and brightest talent, but end up isolating product decision making to a small group with seniority. This type of "HiPPO" or "highest paid person's opinion" decision making isn't the original intent, but it is an inevitable result of an inability to tie business outcomes to product teams.

Fortunately, the internet enables a new, customer centric mode of decision making. This new regime leads to quick product iterations, risk mitigation, and ultimately experiences that customers truly want. The solution is AB product experiments.

As a company grows, entrepreneurial culture becomes inextricably linked to experimentation. Metrics aren't actionable until you can run experiments against them. Without experimentation, teams might glance at a company wide dashboard once in a while. With experimentation, their daily work becomes inexorably linked to metrics, tightly coupling product iterations and business ROI.

Unfortunately, scalable experimentation requires tooling that doesn't yet exist on the market.

90% of experimentation workflows are manual

Commercial experimentation technology is woefully inadequate for a product experimentation practice. The handful of available tools were built for cosmetic tests around adjusting text or images, and are unusable for today's product teams: