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Big Goals

  1. Mentors to be the first 'observer' of mentees, with a focus on trusting advice and best classroom practices

  2. Mentees to have a trusting relationship with mentor in order to take constructive feedback and actuate opportunities to be fulfilled in their practice

  3. Create learning opportunities for both mentor and mentee for stronger practices, successful students, and enjoyable work

Mentor Expectations

Support incoming NPA faculty by establishing a positive and consistent relationship and modeling NPA's vision all based around the guiding purpose of **support.

Support considerations**

Mentee Expectations

Use layers of support (mentor, hall-way neighbors, grade-level, and department teams) to navigate the first year at NPA with success. Specifically, embracing NPA's vision and culture, and using your support, knowledge, and expertise to connect and serve NPA students.

Considerations for success