The El Cap Contributor program is a partnership between El Cap and twelve exceptional operators. These contributors will engage with El Cap portfolio companies to help solve issues in their area of expertise, aid on diligence when relevant, and continue to be one of our many sources of high quality deal flow.

Teamwork has always been a central tenet of our approach. The African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” encapsulates our approach with LPs, founders, and now contributors. Together doesn’t mean just sharing the workload, but sharing economics as well. Our Contributors have an abundance of options on where they focus their time and energy, so to align interests with the best people, both of us have given up a generous portion of our own economics to share them with the contributors. We only win in this business when our companies perform, and we believe contributors improve the chances of our companies winning. Said more simply, when they help us win, we want to make sure they win alongside us.

Why does it matter?

Why has this not been done before? Is it a scout program or ops platform?

How did we find and recruit this group?

How will it function day-to-day?


Timing played a huge role in the formation of the Contributor program. We’ve had enough traction at El Cap to become a known quantity for many, but are early enough in our journey to not have a rigid internal structure or junior employees that could make this type of program complicated to execute. The contributor program augments the El Cap offering for founders, accelerates our learning as a partnership, and increases our touch points across the ecosystem. We’re excited to share more as the program matures.

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