Create furniture out of unprocessed waste materials and 3d printed joints


The project “eGambiarra“ is dedicated to producing customized assemblable furniture out of unprocessed solid waste and 3D-printed joints. “Gambiarra” (from Portuguese) is a term to describe a quick solution or workaround which may look clumsy but proves to be very effective, considering the resources spent. Accordingly, the present project offers a quick and flexible way of connecting randomly-shaped solid waste materials into durable and usable furniture. It confluences the novelties of 3D scanning, CAD modeling and proposes possible forms and materials of joints to connect the solid waste parts into new furniture.

Design process:

01 - Material Collection (2d/3d scanning)

02 - Design Core ( structure analysis, joinery creation)

03 - 3D Printing and Manufacture (3d printing)

design workflow

design workflow

Project application:

In the first step of this project we are developing the design methodology. Our final goal is to make the methodology usable for nonprofessionals, so that everyone can discover the way of using waste materials.(manner of Gambiarra) After the methodology is going to be well developed, it is going to be used for DIY furniture creation in the material restricted area, like in post-disaster areas.