The vision of an organization is a story that weaves the fabric of its future. EFA's Vision is created and written by the Executive Director and influenced by our leaders.

Our Origins

We envision a world where youth utilize their unique talents to create a positive impact in the lives of all those in need.

Rural communities are often neglected by the rest of society. Corporations can't profit from them, and governments often don't care as long as cities are booming.

Fortunately, students have unique advantages over adults. We are not burdened by financial obligations, and our lack of experience is counterbalanced by youthful ingenuity.

However, our youth does not imply limited ambitions; we constantly improve and expand our operations to impact as many people as possible. By September 2021, we will actively serve thousands of impoverished children.

We are living proof that anyone can do good in the world if they genuinely work for it.

Can Mere Teenagers Make a Difference?

When telling others about EFA, one of the first questions I'm asked is: "how can high school students create tangible impact?" Most people assume that teenagers are incapable of doing "meaningful work" since we're busy juggling the academic pressures of the rat race while facing daily existential crises and mental breakdowns.

Before EFA's first lesson, I possessed no teaching experience. I prepared by writing a Google doc of everything I wanted to cover. Was that lesson effective? Probably not.

But after stepping away from teaching for almost two years, our team has taught thousands of inspiring lessons to thousands of impoverished children. This team, a group of teenagers with no "formal training", has intrigued our students and amazed local teachers.

Our team gives me the confidence to say...

"We are simply doing our best to help others. Even though we are young and inexperienced, together, we can create genuine impact."

EFA volunteers prove that anyone with the right motivations and work ethic can make a real difference in other people's lives. Many EFA teachers have never taught a lesson before. But their lessons will inspire our students to reach for the world beyond their village.

Our Purpose: Breaking The Poverty Cycle in Rural Communities

No matter what reports governments produce, poverty exists in almost every country. Due to corruption within local governments and lack of economic incentives, rural communities have the least resources anywhere in the world. As a result, rural communities are trapped in vicious poverty cycles that strip citizens of their basic human needs.

There does not currently exist any known solution to break the poverty cycle. However, we know that the cycle of poverty will not be broken by billion-dollar solutions that exist in developed countries. A working solution must be socially and financially sustainable. We believe that answer lies in the altruism that exists within every young person around the world.

While inequality will always exist, billions of people are suffering due to completely avoidable circumstances. The poverty cycle is breakable - we just haven't found a solution yet.

EFA will not rest until we develop and implement a sustainable model of breaking the poverty cycle across the world.