The Omega Key Game is a strategic trading game with possibly the largest reward pool in crypto history - 250 ETH! The Omega Key Game will launch on 22 February 2022.

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1/ Overview

<aside> 💡 We refer to the Omega Keys as Keys, Voxos with an Omega Key as KeyVoxos, and Omega Rewards as Rewards.


The objective of the game is to collect KEYS and unlock one of the four OMEGA REWARDS. Each Reward is unlocked by the first player who collects the required number of Keys.

Keys are assigned randomly to Robits and Sapiens, turning them into KEYVOXOS.

After a KeyVoxo trade (i.e. transfer to another wallet), both sides of the trade have its Key, i.e. keys don't have to be held concurrently.

The next sections cover the mechanics of the game.

OKG diagram - Key Assignment.png

2/ Key Releases