We're a remote-first company, which means all of our communication happens online. Slack is our virtual office and below is a few very simple guidelines we expect everyone to follow:

#1: You're responsible for managing your own availability

It's very important to take breaks. And it's very hard to take breaks if Slack is always on. Make sure you set yourself to "Do Not Disturb" or set a status when you're in deep focus mode. That way you can stay away from the notifications and get back when you're ready. Use the save or /remind feature to remind yourself of important messages you should get back to. It's your own responsibility to make this work.

#2: Default to public channels

If you don't know where to put your funny meme or ask an important question, please always use an open channel. Only if the message is of some private matter, you should move to the DMs. The more transparency the better — it helps us all stay in sync.

#3: Use threads

If you come back to a channel after being at the beach all day, you'll probably see a lot of messages converning different topics. Use the thread feature in Slack when you respond so we can make sure to keep track of the right conversations.

#4: Remember your #standup. Every day. Unless you're off.

This is one of the most important channels we have to stay in sync. This is a great way to start off the day, because it forces you to think about your priorities, but it also lets your teammates know what you're working on (which gives them a chance to help / ask questions / give feedback) and it creates a great feeling of teamwork. Check out ‣ for more info.

NB: If you're on vacation, stay away from this channel and take a deep breath 💆‍♀️

#5: Reply by the end of the day

This one is important for remote work to work. The good thing about working remotely is that you can manage your own time, and it gives you a lot of freedom. It's great that you can take a break from Slack for 3 hours to focus or do something else, but to make sure we don't end up in a situation where we're moving slowly due to lack of information, everyone should be able to expect a reply by the end of the day. This is obviously only the case for people who are not on vacation, and "by the end of day" means by the end of a regular workday (remember some team members are in different timezones).

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