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<aside> 👋🏽 Hi there! Kavitha, the creator of this Notion template, here!


<aside> 🤔 *If you’re looking for a way to —

  1. Track projects...
  2. Track the tasks related to those projects and then...
  3. Track the skills that you’ve gained through those projects and tasks...

...this template could be the one for you!*


<aside> 💡 Throughout this template you’ll find callouts like this one to help guide you through how to use it! Treat these callouts as “Read Me” alerts! Feel free to delete as you go!


<aside> 🏁 Here we go!


<aside> 💡 How to use these ➡️  pages/databases:

✈️  Flight Control - Use this as the dashboard of your life. It will display all the projects you have on deck, the tasks related to those projects organized in different ways, and a run-down of how you’re tracking in your role competency. (start here in your walkthrough)

🚘  Project Management - This is the database of all your projects/deliverables/conferences/etc.

✅  Task Management - This is the database of all your tasks. It will be important to assign each task a project. That way, when you are looking through projects you’ll be able to see all tasks related to it!

💯  Role Competency Tracking - *Use this database to input all the skills that that you’d like to track towards accomplishing through your role. As you assign skills to tasks/projects, you’ll be able to see which aspects of your role you need more experience in or where you’ve already exceeded.

This piece will take the most groundwork since it requires you manually input which skills you’d like to track to.*

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Control Tower

Project Management

Task Management

Role Competency Tracking