Deep Work is introducing an internal process to improve quality control with projects, while allowing new designers to learn from real projects with as little friction as possible.

For each client project, you are either the Expert (main responsibility and lead) or a Collaborator. The Collaborator is usually on a lower level than the Expert or wants to be observed and graded before becoming an Expert.

Tasks and Levels can be viewed here:


  1. Client Hypersprint gets announced in a new Discord channel. Experts are booked.
  2. A Collaborator can apply to help through a Typeform, which pings the Expert of the field they are intersted in. They choose the tasks they believe they can take on.
  3. Experts review applications in Discord and confirm one Collaborator by inviting them to the project intro call.
  4. They can have a quick chat about splitting tasks.
  5. They go through the Hypersprint process, doing the work they want to focus on.
  6. After the final presentation and before the retrospective, Experts give their Collaborators feedback to either approve them for their level or communicate how the Collaborator did not reach the Experts expectation.
  7. Everyone can add the experience to their portfolio document.

Key principles