The future of Gather is intertwined with its community. 🍇

For now, the Gather Community is comprised of the unofficial user communities listed on this page. Some are based on geography or common language, but all are united by a love of a Gather and a desire to help connect people across borders. These communities are all run by volunteers, and even if they are not officially endorsed by Gather, we are always looking at ways of supporting our users. 🙌

In the long term, we will be experimenting with ways of involving the Community even further. There are some interesting new ways modern companies can share their success with their communities, so stay tuned. 🚀

Have a suggestion? Email it to us at!

How to get involved?

The Official Gather Forum - New! 🚨**(Dec 2021)**

We have started a new forum-based community for help around the Gather Mapmaker and the Gather API (Beta).

Please feel free to check it out and post your long-form queries there - our team members will be active on the forum and help you out!

Gather Community

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Gather Unofficial Communities List

Want to add your user-community to this list? See a dead group that you want to take over? Request an addition or change by filling out our request form 🔗. User-communities also get a free premium Gather Space for any community gatherings they host!

⚡ Testing Zone - New Community Initiatives

Gather Content Program

New ! 🚨 ****Create content around your use of Gather, and share it with others on platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Medium! Currently we are open to working with content creators big and small, so even if you just run a small channel, don't worry!

Email us at with links to your profile, and a brief idea of what you would want to do.

We are open for sponsoring content in multiple different languages!