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Over the last few months due to COVID 19, almost all social experiences have moved online. One of the significant effects was observed in the education sector, with people debating on the usefulness of "Zoom University". Unlike most industries, revenue is not the only important metric in determining the success and value of an EdTech platform. To generate value, it is extremely important to provide a smooth user experience to your users with quality content and at a good price.

As I design an online music learning platform for Musify, I hope to achieve the following:

👩🏻‍💼 Business Goals:

🏁Personal Goals:

Enhance my learning experience by practically applying my knowledge in the following:

What is Musify 🥁

Musify is an online learning platform for users who want to learn music online.

This assignment’s goal was to create a mobile experience for users to browse courses, find the course they’re looking for, initiate checkout, and complete the purchase.

UX Research